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Comedy 96 min Completed


Breckenridge Film Festival:  Best Comedy, Best Supporting Actor, Audience Award

Honolulu Film Festival : Best Director

Universal Film Festival : Best Director & Best Editing

Braunschweig Film Festival : Der Heinrich Award

Swansea Life Film Festival : Best Feature

Portobello Film Festival : Official Selection

Danny is a twenty-something small town hustler. Joe is a middle-aged janitor with a gift for impressions. This unlikely pair has one goal: Hollywood. Not to make it big, not to see their names in lights; they want to steal from it. These two con men will immerse themselves in a world of greed. Trust Me is the satirical tale of Hollywood itself: celebrities, politics and, most importantly, scams.

Cast: Cory Pendergast, Enn Reitel, Joeanna Sayler, Craig Ferguson

Director and Writer: Andrew Kazamia


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