Thriller 90 min RFD

“The Ring” – A beautiful young woman is found strangled on a deserted beach. Who would want her killed? Was the stunning ring she wore a cause of her death, or was it a crime of revenge or passion? The suspects mount up as detectives Somov, Sommers and McMillan try to whittle through the questions.

“The Stalker” – When an alluring television news anchor is pursued by a relentless stalker, she has no alternative but to turn to Somov, Sommer and McMillan to get her life back to what it was before.

“The Surgery” – A young Russian orphan has six months left to live unless she gets the surgery she needs in the United States . A Russian-American woman living in Los Angeles works against the clock to raise the money needed, but it is later stolen by her husband who quickly flees to Russia . Somov must find him and the money before it's too late for the little girl.

Three crimes create a thrilling triangle of passion, violence, and deceit.


Directed by Rodion Nahapetov

Starring Karen Black and Rodion Nahapetov

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