• Genre(s): Horror / Sci-Fi
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • Cast: Anessa Ramsey, Justin Welborn, AJ Bowen, Scott Poythress, Sahr Ngaugua, and Cheri Christian
  • Director: David Brucker / Jacob Gentry / Dan Bush
A mysterious signal is being transmitted from all media devices in the city of Terminus, provoking murder and madness within the psyches of its inhabitants. In THE SIGNAL, one man battles to save the woman he loves from the vehemence of her crazed husband. But, in order to succeed, he must first determine who he can trust in a city where everyone appears to have succumbed to the violence of the signal--including himself.


[Ain't It Cool News] "May very well be the best independently made horror film of the past ten years .... the most entertaining film at the [Sundance Film Festival] this year"
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