• Genre(s): Comedy
  • Running Time: 88 minutes
  • Cast: Joe Mantegna (Cars 2, The Godfather: Part III, TV’s Criminal Minds), Chris Klein (American Pie, Election), Paolo Mancini, Thomas Michael
  • Director: Matthiew Klinck
Hank and Mike are best friends – and Easter bunnies. Employed by Pan Enterprises, a multi-national corporation that owns all holidays, they have hand-delivered baskets of Easter eggs to families for years. However, the push for more profits leads the company to plan for downsizing, starting with Hank and Mike. Caught in a downward spiral, these long-time friends must find a way back to Easter, and back to their old lives.

Official Selection

[Variety] "'A furry version to The Odd Couple"

[National Post] "These hares have brains. And they're hilarious ..."

[The San Fransisco Chronicle] "Convulses you with laughter"
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