• Genre(s): Sci-Fi / Comedy
  • Running Time: 88 minutes
  • Cast: Cara Buono (Let Me In, The Hulk, TV's Third Watch), Isaach De BankolĂ© (Casino Royale, Miami Vice (2006), The Fifth Patient, Manderlay), Jonah Meyerson (The Royal Tenenbaums), Robert Downey Sr. (Magnolia, Greaser's Palace), and Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter, 21 Grams)
  • Director: Barry Strugatz (Married to the Mob)
Joanne Schwartzbaum, a stressed-out mom from Brooklyn is abducted (or is she?) by aliens and returned to her home. She soon meets another supposed abductee, an immigrant from the Ivory Coast named Abraham. A quirky comedy about misfits trying to save the human race, From Other Worlds proves that you don't have to be a hero to act like one.
[Film Threat] "'From other Worlds' deftly combines both [drama and sci-fi] in a most creative way. Buono fashions a fine performance as Joanne, just trying to live, taking each clue as it comes, even if she seems crazy"

[Variety] "Joanna (Cara Buono, in a charming lead performance) can't be sure if her depression is nothing but the blues, or may have something to do with visions of alien abductions straight out of "The X-Files."
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