• Genre(s): Thriller
  • Running Time: 93 minutes
  • Cast: Lori Petty (A League of Their Own), Terence Trent D'arby, Steven Tyler
  • Director: Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary)
From Producer Mimi Polk Gitlin, Director Mary Lambert and music industry giants Glen Ballard and David Foster comes Clubland, a mesmerizing story about an emerging rock star blazing his trail through the trendy Los Angeles club scene. Enjoying the whirlwind of impending success, Kennedy Johnson falls in love with Sophie Sacks. He's torn between this new found true love and the temptations that come with sky-rocketing stardom. Does Kennedy want success at the expense of his two most important relationships? The background of the LA club scene -- sex, music, parties, dreams, corruption and betrayal -- all serve to blur the answers to this question. 
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