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at Shriekfest 2005

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Fangoria Article


Crime Thriller 96 min Completed

RAZOR EATERS has generated an unprecendented number of media reports in all formats - print, radio, television - for its controversial shoot and subject matter.


RAZOR EATERS is your front row ticket to an anarchistic rampage of death and destruction.

First turned on during a home invasion, the gang's camera never lets up as they take on the city and become our anti-heroes by targeting all those we'd love to see get punished - corrupt politicians, filthy drug dealers, arrogant sports stars...and parking inspectors!

This controversial new feature film launched a police investigation, and is currently thrilling and dividing audiences all around the world.

Cast: Paul Moder, Richard Cawthorne, Teague Rook, Fletcher Humphrys, Campbell Usher, and Leigh Whannell (Saw).

Writer and Director: Shannon Young.


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