• Genre(s): Creature Feature
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Cast: Meghan Heffern (Chloe), Samantha McLeod (Snakes on a Plane, John Tucker Must Die)
  • Director: Jeffery Scott Lando
These girls have a new major ... Survival! Brilliant sorority girl Cami's experiment in insect intelligence goes awry, leaving giant, mutant insects hunting for food in a sorority house - and the only thing to eat is beautiful sorority sisters! The insect horrors increase in size while their source of food shrinks. The girls fight a savage hit-and-run battle with whatever weapons they can find, but the insects have more on their super-intelligent minds than food. Beautiful Josi becomes a host for more than sorority parties when she is infected with the next generation of mutant insects! Cami and the other remaining girls soon realize that to deal with a bug problem, you have to kill them ALL ...


[Film Threat] " Boobs, bugs, blood, guts, knives, and a hell of a lot of flesh. What more can you ask for? [...] flashing nude soapy, skimpy, sleazy, skanky, and trampy women almost non-stop at every possible occasion [...] Lando really knows how to direct a damn fine killer bug movie [...] Soon-to-be-classic line: 'Man- eating cannibal girls don't get dates."
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