• Genre(s): Sci-Fi
  • Running Time: 100 minutes
  • Cast: Raul Mendez (El Sexo Debil), Nailea Norvind (Para Volver a Amar), Hernan Mendoza (After Lucia), Humberto Busto (Amorres Perros)
  • Director: Isaac Ezban
Two parallel stories about characters trapped in illogical endless spaces: two brothers and a detective locked on an infinite staircase, and a family locked on an infinite road - for a very long time.

[Westender] "A Beautiful Mindfuck"

[Fangoria] "Harrowing and profound Mexican mindbender."

[FantasticFest.com] "An ambitious, puzzle-like film from a rising new talent"

[Guillermo Del Toro] "The Incident is a powerful and ingenious riddle and a promising debut for Isaac Ezban ... A complicated but very well structured idea. A great debut! Very, very ambitious ... and still does everything you want! Ezban it is a much needed gender director in Mexico."
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