• Genre(s): Drama
  • Running Time: 120 minutes
  • Cast: Juan Manuel Bernal (Desencuentro, Capadiocia, The Blue Room), Sofia Espinosa (Gloria, Coco, Los Banistas), Ilithya Manzanilla (Hoping Heart, Codigo Postal), Sam Trammell (True Blood, Fault in our Stars)
  • Director: Jorge Ramirez Suarez (Buen Dia, Ramon)

A war photographer must kidnap his own newborn daughter after his wife and her ex-husband use a legal loophole to corruptly claim custody of the child. Sacrificing his own citizenship, marriage, and career, he escapes with her to Mexico, where his best friends raise her. 23 years later, he returns to be reunited with daughter. This is the story of their sometimes-difficult but ultimately heartwarming reunion.

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